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Scratchbox - November 21, 2019
Issued: 19:19hrs Wednesday 20th November 2019

Simon: A touch of frost tonight in central, eastern and northern areas. Too much could and rain in the southwest.

Issued: 07:42hrs Wednesday 20th November 2019

Simon: Rain in western areas of the UK this morning and in Ireland throughout today. Dry for others. Breezy west too.

Issued: 10:22hrs Tuesday 19th November 2019

Simon: More raining eastern Ireland this afternoon, this affecting the far southwest of Wales and western Cornwall too. Patchy rain reaching south coasts of England.

Issued: 07:22hrs Tuesday 19th November 2019

Simon: After a very cold night (minimum temperature map here), there's some dense freezing fog in England & Wales to start this morning. This may take to mid-morning to clear.

Issued: 13:06hrs Monday 18th November 2019

Simon: We are heading into a cold night. A widespread frost by the morning, especially the Midlands, northern England and Scotland. These are forecast temperatures at 6am.

Issued: 07:22hrs Monday 18th November 2019

Simon: A much better day is in prospect for today, although it is a chilly start.There should be lots of sunshine for many and it should be dry too.

Issued: 16:34hrs Sunday 17th November 2019

Claire: A cold night ahead with a widespread frost and icy patches developing for northern and western areas. Mist and fog patches will also be a risk for these areas. Cloud and rain will become increasingly confined to southeastern England where it will stay milder.

Issued: 12:03hrs Sunday 17th November 2019

Claire: Models still indicating that colder temperatures will remain widespread across the UK and Ireland through the coming days before staging a bit of a recovery from mid- week onwards.

Issued: 08:37hrs Sunday 17th November 2019

Claire: Rain and cloud clear from Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland as high pressure builds here today. Staying cloudy for northern England and Wales with showers and outbreaks of rain. Showers spread south over the Midlands this afternoon. Drier over southern England with occasional spells of sunshine.