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Scratchbox - March 06, 2021
Issued: 11:59hrs Saturday 06th March 2021

Claire: Some patchy light rain creeping into far western parts of Ireland and northern Scotland but staying dry elsewhere. Feeling fine where you've got the sunshine!

Issued: 08:12hrs Saturday 06th March 2021

Claire: A mostly dry day for the UK and Ireland today with variable amounts of cloud and some good sunny spells. Thicker cloud further north giving patchy rain over northwest and northern Scotland. This becoming heavier and more persistent later.

Issued: 16:28hrs Friday 05th March 2021

Alexi: A dry night tonight with exception to the Northern and Western Isles seeing some patchy light rain or drizzle about. Clear spells will allow for frost patches to develop reasonably extensively by first thing Saturday morning.

Issued: 11:58hrs Friday 05th March 2021

Alexi: Still plenty of low cloud about out there with even some pesky light showers drifting in on some eastern coasts. Continuing with more of the same weather this afternoon but we should see any precip gradually fizzle out.

Issued: 08:31hrs Friday 05th March 2021

Alexi: Another misty and murky, grey morning out there for many, however, some places are seeing some sunshine already so hopefully a good sign for more of us. A mainly dry day but feeling chilly again.

Issued: 17:02hrs Thursday 04th March 2021

Alexi: A mainly dry night ahead and we keep a hold of largely cloudy skies. A frosty start once again to tomorrow morning.

Issued: 12:41hrs Thursday 04th March 2021

Alexi: It will continue to be a cloudy afternoon with patchy, mostly light, rain affecting northern and central areas of England. Dry elsewhere. Staying chilly.

Issued: 07:49hrs Thursday 04th March 2021

Alexi: Pesky bits and pieces of precip are about today, mainly affecting eastern areas, although high pressure still remains dominant. Cloudy skies with mist and fog patches are still a feature however.

Issued: 07:21hrs Thursday 04th March 2021

Simon: Rainfall totals added up yesterday in central nd Southern England! These are observed rainfall figures to 6am this morning .

Issued: 17:42hrs Wednesday 03th March 2021

Simon: A murky night in the southern UK, some showers here and there. A few showers in northeast Scotland too. Feeling chilly.

Issued: 12:20hrs Wednesday 03th March 2021

Simon: It's a chilly afternoon out there for many, these are temperatures right now. A little milder in the far south of England.

Issued: 07:36hrs Wednesday 03th March 2021

Simon: Showery bursts of rain, crossing west to east through Wales, the Midlands, southern and eastern England today. Best sunshine western Scotland and Ireland. Cold in central and eastern areas, milder southeast and Ireland.

Issued: 11:57hrs Tuesday 02th March 2021

Simon: Still much cloud in central and eastern areas this afternoon making it feel cold here, although this will be breaking. Best sunshine remains in the west.

Issued: 07:39hrs Tuesday 02th March 2021

Simon : More low cloud in central and eastern areas today, only slowly burning back to the coasts. Best sunshine in the west. Some showers in southwest England this evening. Cold in the cloudier areas.