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UK Forecast- January 18, 2021

Wet for some

Mild south, cold north

/reports/2021/01/18/foc_0.gif Tuesday
A breezy and dull day across much of England and Wales for Tuesday,. There will be periods of rain and drizzle around western and southern coasts as well as over hills inland. Heavier rain in Ireland and across northern Wales and northern England. Colder and brighter in Scotland, the best sunshine in the east. This afternoon sees conditions staying wet across Ireland, much of Wales and northern England as well as southwest England with the rain becoming heavier and falling as snow on hills in the north. Drier in central and eastern parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and southeast England, but still cloudy here with a risk of drizzle. Scotland should stay dry overall, the best sunshine in the northeast. Wetter for the far south of Scotland as rain arrives here, falling as snow on hills. Milds in the south at 12C, cold in northern Scotland at 2C.

/reports/2021/01/18/foc_1.gif Tuesday Night
Breezy and wet tonight through much of England and Wales as well as central and southern Ireland. Heavy rain affecting northwest England and the hills of Wales with some snow on high ground. Mild for much of central and southern England and breezy here too. Colder for Scotland and mostly dry apart from a scattering of wintry showers in the far north. Lows at -4C in Scotland, 9C in southern England.

/reports/2021/01/18/foc_2.gif Wednesday
A wet morning for much of England and Wales. Heavy periods of rain in Wales, western and northern England, patchier to the southeast. Wet too for southern Ireland with the risk of snow over the hills and across the hills of Wales. Cold for Scotland, the best sunshine in the west, but sleet and snow in the east. This afternoon sees the heaviest rain in Wales and northern England, snow over parts of northwest England and Northumberland as well as the southern Uplands. Further sleet and snow in eastern Scotland. Dry for central and western Scotland as well as Northern Ireland. Highs at 10 or 11C in much of England and Wales, 3C in northern England, Ireland and Scotland.

/reports/2021/01/18/foc_3.gif Thursday
Low pressure is going to be to the east of Scotland on Thursday. This brings gale force winds to much of Scotland and northern England. Snow for much of central and eastern Scotland, that drifting in the wind with blizzards over high ground. A few showers showers for northern England and Northern Ireland. Dry and bright in central and southern areas as well as Wales but feeling cold for all. Much lighter winds in southern areas. Highs at 2 to 7C.


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